Saturday, 9 March 2013

'Where the birdies is'

After my last blog I remembered “where the birdies is” – they’ve been building a nest above the rooftiles in my office.  I wondered what to do with them and finally the deacons came to the rescue.  But it reminded me of a story of 3 Baptist pastors who were having a problem with bats in their very old church buildings.  They were a real nuisance and they were each discussing what they had already done and any possible solutions (its amazing what pastors will discuss at conferences!!!) 

One of them said, “I even tried shooting at them but all I ended up with were large holes all over the roof and – THEY ARE STILL THERE!!”

The 2nd said, “Well I did something different.  I tried capturing them, driving them out into the country and releasing them.  But they just returned to the same spot and - THEY ARE STILL THERE. 

The 3rd pastor then confidently spoke up, “I got rid of them easily.” 

“How?”asked the incredulous and curious other two, “how on earth did you get rid of them?” 

“Easy,” he said, “I just baptised them, made them church members and then I never saw them in the church again, except twice a year at members meetings!!”

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