Friday, 1 March 2013

First Day of Spring

1st March and it’s springtime!  It just seemed to sneak up on us.  Suddenly the sun has appeared and everything feels better.  The crocuses and daffodils are starting to make an appearance and life seems easier somehow.  As a child I learnt this……

The spring has sprung
The grass is ris (?)
I wonder where the birdies is!

Ok not great but what’s your favourite spring poem?

Springtime means some spring cleaning.  Time to look in cupboards and get rid of some clothes you haven’t worn for some time and no longer need.  Where are the black bin bags?  Charity shop here we come!  What about under the beds?  Under the stairs?  In the garage?  In the roofspace?  At the back of the shed?  What stuff lurks in dark corners that suddenly needs attention now that the sun has come out?  What rooms need redecorated?  What windows need a good cleaning?  What needs changed?  Fixed?  Altered?  Improved? 

As in home.  So in life.  What needs spring cleaned and sorted out in your life now that spring is here?  What’s lurking at the back of the cupboards of your mind?  What sins have crept in unawares and have taken up unwelcome residence under the stairs or your thoughts?  What has slipped?  What needs fixed?  Has anger been simmering all winter?  Or resentment?  Or jealousy?  Or regret?  Or pride?  Or frustration? Or lust?  Or complacency?  Or greed?  Or covetousness? 

How about this verse for this first day of spring - “Forgive my hidden faults” (Psalm 19 v12).  This writer knew that there were ‘open’ sins that others saw but there also ‘hidden’ sins or secret sins that no-one but God knew, until they erupted in all their ugliness in the life. 

Take some time in the sun, dwell upon your life and get the spiritual black bin bag out.  We are all going to need it

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  1. Hey Trev
    Enjoyed reading this
    One thing I appreciate about Newtownbreda is the fact that we have Communion weekly, and have such an opportunity to take time to confess hidden sins and thank Jesus, again, for His forgiveness.
    Looking forward to making this Sunday. Breakfast at 930!