Sunday, 29 June 2014


Well, we’ve just had a brilliant two week family holiday and one of the highlights for me every year is getting some time away from the normal hustle and bustle to read a few interesting books and get my mind stretched. 

So I thought you might like to know what I read this year...

REAL MARRIAGE by Mark and Grace Driscoll.
I read this a few years ago in preparation for our Love, Sex and Relationships” series and wanted to go through it again more slowly because I passionately believe that the whole area of Christian marriage is one of the key spiritual battlefields today. And no wonder for marriage is a glorious drama, reflecting the amazing love between Christ, the heavenly bridegroom, and his bride the church. Driscoll, in his usual style pulls no punches. He writes along with his wife Grace about the real challenges and sets them into a biblical context. It is a direct, hard hitting book. No subtlety is neededwhen it comes to this area and he does not use euphemisms or woolly language, he speaks directly but with tremendous force. Every married person (men especially) should read this book.

I love books like this – books which challenge to live life with purpose to remind us of how short life is and to make sure that moments count, Ortberg uses the analogy of  a board game – we love to bin control but we cant be. Things happen but we need to have clear priorities and specific purposes or else life – like the game- will just slip away and we will be left with many, many regrets. This is a powerful reminder to us of what life is all about and Ortberg creatively and imaginatively expounds various scriptures on the theme (and also use heaps of humour – so you will laugh a lot!)

I love Swindoll. I feel he’s one of my mentors, though I’ve never met him. This was written many years ago (I first read it in the 80s) and I read it again in preparation for the newSunday morning series coming up called “Soarin” (more on that in a later blog!”) He uses the picture of an eagle soaring and shows again, like Ortberg, that its possible to live well and finish well for the glory of God. But it requires personal hard work, sacrifice and clear choices in our lifestyle.
Finally I started to read a couplof leadership books which ipicked up in a secular bookshop in the airport. 

HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE LEAD by John Maxwell and MINUTE MOTIVATORS FOR LEADERS by Stan Toler.  Anything I can find on leadership to help me a better leader is a good investment.

I also brought with me THE BUSY CHRISTIAN’S GUIDE TO BUSYNESS by Tim Chester. 

Ironically, I never got round to reading it!!

Id love to know what’s on your summer reading list and anything you can suggest to bless me with. Email me

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  1. Just finishing off Tim Keller's book 'Judges for you' and have ordered his next in the series 'Romans 1-7 for you'. I've never read 'The Great Divorce' by Lewis and have it ready too. Keen to re-read 'Knowing God' by Packer and 'A Heart of Compassion' by Philip Clarke, a Christian doctor. Also 2 books on marathons - my next challenge is the Dublin marathon in October which I'm going to run to raise funds for ME. Hope to chat soon - blessings.