Thursday, 19 September 2013

Trev's Top Ten Tips

At our recent Ministry Leaders Meeting I shared with our leaders “Trev’s Top Ten Tips” for leadership.  Just various lessons I’ve picked up along the way, both from experience and from others.

Here’s a brief summary............

  • Lead Yourself – no one can lead others who doesn’t know how to lead themselves in private disciplines, basic organisation and sense of order, mastering moods and emotions and a basic level of consistency.
  • Integrity – saying what you mean, meaning what you say ; keeping promises; faithfulness
  • Clarity – harder than it sounds. People can live without certainty, they cannot live without clarity. Work hard at being clear
  • The Power of the Little – Jesus fed 500 plus people with a little boy’s little lunch. Little things mean a lot – small words, text messages, small acts of kindness, notes of encouragement etc
  • It came to pass - don’t get too hung up with the problems of the moment. The things you worry about usually pass; the issues you grappled with this time last year are probably history now
  • Don’t try to meet every need – in John 5 Jesus held the man at the pool of Bethesda. Only him. There were loads of others around the pool that day. Their needs went unmet – and he was the Son of God. Even he didn’t meet every need.
  • Find out where God is at work and go there. It’s easier to minister where God is already preparing hearts and minds
  • Celebrate successes and learn from failure – every small success is a cause for celebration. The Jews were always celebrating God – that’s why they have so many feast days! Don’t dwell on failures – just learn from them.
  • Connect to succeed- leadership largely about connecting with people. You cannot lead if you are not a people person Find out how to make proper connections with the people around you, especially your co-leaders
  • Influence comes from trust and trust comes from actions. What you do encourages others to trust you. Then you get their ear and their heart then you are really in a position to influence them for good.

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