Monday, 7 January 2013

Worship - The Greatest Act

We were looking at the subject of worship on Sunday morning. How important that is for the start of a new year - yet how confusing as well. Worship is more than music - its not that simple. We worship because God is worthy and yet if we only worship for an hour on a Sunday does that mean he’s only worthy for that time? Of course not – rather my whole life should be an act of worship. The way I talk to people, my life at home, work, church, my attitudes, my choices and my decisions should all be done and made as an act of worship.

In Acts 2 v 42 the early Christians “devoted themselves – not for them any idea of getting saved and then drifting long. Rather, they became fully mature followers of Christ and in their actions demonstrated their beliefs. What is worship? Here’s a working definition.........

“Directly acknowledge God’s goodness and activity in everyday life and responding in acts of praise or good deeds”

So....worship on your own – see God at work in everyday experience in the little things as well as the big things of your life. Spend regular time in personal devotions and learn to sing.  It’s amazing what praising can do.  Worship by doing good things which bring a smile to the face of God.

But worship also with your family – your spiritual family, your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Do not be tempted to neglect this.  There is something special about people coming together to sing and learn and interact and grow.  It’s absolutely vital.  But when we do so we should seek to show by our attitudes that we are true worshippers – how about arriving early and staying late?  How about leaving the nearest car parking spaces for those who need them most?  How about smiling?  And best of all as true worshippers how about coming to church services to receive from the Lord (what hast thou to say to me?) and giving to others?

I want to be a worshipper in spirit and in truth – for such the Father seeks to worship Him!

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